ALL IN THE DETAILS: Textured and Trendy

It is no surprise to anybody with an Instagram account that denim skirts are, and have always been, a major do. The classic denim piece remains on top because stylists and DIY-enthusiasts always find ways to reinvent it. Photos of over-patched jeans, covered in denim swatches of various shades have recently graced the internet. This Fashionista went for a similar look with this sweet, textured denim skirt.

This Fashionista’s textured denim skirt is perfect for the summer season for a few reasons. First off, it turns a basic denim piece into something fresh and interesting. This skirt can be worn with all the same pieces as a plain denim mini, but is more visually appealing. You will definitely receive compliments for finding this piece before the others.

Another reason why this skirt is the piece of the summer is because of its stunning versatility! This Fashionista went for a casual, daytime look, but the potential is endless. Pair this skirt with a classy top for evening drinks or a sexy bodysuit to turn up the heat when the sun goes down. Any and all summer events will be a hit with this piece in your closet.

The last reason this skirt choice wins is because it allows for a perfect transition to fall weather. Crop tops, sandals and perfect accessories are a hot pair for now, but I see relationships with turtlenecks and denim jackets in this skirt’s future. This Fashionista will be looking right when the semester starts back up!

How To: Steal this Fashionista’s skirt for a steal at Forever 21. Tie a neck scarf any way, and layer up some cool earrings to complete the look.