ALL IN THE DETAILS: Tasteful Tattoos

When I first came across this Fashionista, I couldn’t pass up the chance to photograph her amazing tattoos! Tattoos are a trendy fascination right now and are an accessory for any punk girl’s style. Currently in themedia, the androgynous Ruby Rose, who plays Stella Carlin in the Netflix series Orange is the New Black, is becoming the image of women’s independence and beauty. She is covered in tattoos and even has one of her co-star Lori Petty. I love that tattoos have become more accepted in today’s society and create a sense of individuality for every person with artwork on their body.

Along with being inspired by this Fashionista’s tattoos, I was also drawn by her impeccable style. Her look included a gray halter-top from Urban Outfitters. This was a great option for her because it showed off her back and arm tattoos. She paired it with black high-wasted jeans and gray booties. Because this outfit has neutral colors, it was a great opportunity for accessories to pop. She finished off her look by adding layered necklaces, a brown satchel and trendy glasses. Her chic style reminded me of Ruby Rose’s rebellious, free-spirited attitude.

How To: To imitate this Fashionista’s look, you might have to make the bold decision to get some ink on your body. If you are truly interested, my recommendation is to do research when choosing a tattoo and an artist. Don’t rush yourself and make sure this is something you want forever. Tattoos are a great opportunity to have beautiful art with you for life! For those like me who aren’t ready for such a big commitment, Flash Tattoos are a huge trend. They are jewelry-inspired metallic temporary tattoos. They are perfect for pools, parties, festivals, concerts or anywhere! They are fun accessories for anyone looking to add detail into their style.