ALL IN THE DETAILS: Talk or Text-ure

Baby, it’s getting cold outside. Now that snow has officially arrived in Syracuse, it’s time to bust out those heavy coats, ski socks and snow boots. As a California girl, I’m a little worried about the next few months. If it’s as cold as everyone has been telling me, I don’t see how I will be able to stay warm, much less dress fashionably. With everyone wearing their most functional clothing, it can be tough to stay stylish in below freezing temperatures. Yet this Fashionista demonstrates one easy way to keep it interesting: mixing textures.

This Fashionista is wearing a warm and fuzzy infinity scarf, a green khaki jacket and suede boots. Mixing soft and fuzzy with suede and khaki can seem like a recipe for fashion disaster, but the key here is that all the colors are of a similar palette. Her khaki jacket blends closely with her olive green blouse, which has the same tone as her dusty brown suede boots.

She also adds a pop of color with her matte brick red lips. The red is a complementary color to the greens (remember those color wheels from elementary school), making it eye-catching but not screaming “Christmas.”

By adding a few elements of white and black (through her scarf and leggings), this Fashionista ties her whole look together, creating a cozy, comfortable and definitely stylish winter outfit.

How To: Like this Fashionista demonstrates, the key to mixing textures is to keep all your colors of a similar hue and tone. Use a few different textures and keep the rest of your outfit simple. Of course, it was a little warmer the day this photo was taken, but this look can easily work in colder weather—just use heavier textures like knits and wool.