ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sweet Summer Blooms

Summer seems to have come and gone by a blink of an eye and it’s one of those things that seemed too good to be true! As my time in New York City quickly comes to an end, I have been keeping my eyes peeled for what is deemed “appropriate” for a late summer look. There is always a transition with seasons, but there is always one trend that is timeless. You guessed it, floral. I know I’ve written about floral more times than I can count, but it’s one of those looks that is so fresh and versatile. Whenever I come into contact with floral, it’s usually in the form of loud pinks and never ending purples. However, when I came across this Fashionista, the floral she donned was something of a more refreshing take.

It’s a rare occasion seeing floral worn with a warmer color palette and it caught my eye automatically. This Fashionista’s look is the definition of sweet end of summertime. Her fresh multicolor tank top with shades of red, orange, yellow and beige was the eye-catching piece of her outfit. To contrast with the color of her top, this Fashionista chose a pair of classic black jeans to accompany her pair of embroidered black and white wedges. You never know where the air conditioner will be blasting or when there will be a cool evening breeze, so this Fashionista came prepared with a gray cardigan to boot. Keeping the color alive for the duration of the summer, she carried a large yellow Michael Kors bag, a must-have during strolls through the city.

Being in New York City for the summer, you tend to not be around much greenery, unless you visit a park or botanical garden. With that said, there’s no better reason to bring the flowers to your wardrobe. It’ll brighten up your day and those around you!

How To: More of a dress person? No problem. Ditch the jeans and don a sundress that gives the same effect of bright blooms and pair it with a warm colored cardigan.