June 24th, 2015 at 2:00am

It has been a glorious few weeks of non-stop sun and good weather in Seattle and this Fashionista is loving every bit of it! Ready to go hangout with some friends before they all head to the beach, she is demonstrating the perfect attire for a hot day such as those we have been enduring.

To protect herself from the harsh rays while she’s out and about, she invested in some adorable, black retro sunglasses to wear along with her cute summer outfit. Now a new and popular staple item, the oversized, rounded vintage shades are very on-trend this summer season. They are easy to pair with pretty much any outfit and they make any ensemble look instantly put together. Even better, they can help cover up the fact that you decided to not put on any makeup for the day!

For an all-around beachy feel, also worn along with her cute sunglasses on this hot day were a white and black striped shift dress, a series of silver layered necklaces, some bracelets and simple black T-strap sandals. Not only was the dress that she was wearing easy to throw on and accessorize, but it also kept her cool in the hot summer heat. Also, being neutral in color, it is easy to wear with almost anything. The necklaces she chose to throw on went perfectly with the high neckline of the dress. They managed to dress up the outfit a bit and draw more attention to her face.

How To: The great thing about sunglasses is that you can find the perfect pair almost anywhere and at any price! Sunglasses also go with virtually any outfit out there. Head on down to your favorite store or the mall and pick out yourself a perfect new pair of vintage-inspired shades. Forever 21 and Target are some great stores to look at to find a cute but still inexpensive pair. Throw on any summer outfit and you are good to go!