ALL IN THE DETAILS: Summer Essentials

Summer is halfway through, and down south it only becomes hotter as the days go by. We have had a couple of days go beyond 100 degrees, and it was pretty unbearable. (What I would give to have a 70 degree day!) I swear there is no better time for short shorts and sleeveless pieces than now.

This Fashionista dressed ready to battle the scorching heat. Let us start from the top. She wears sunglasses, which are very important. Although in my book, I wear them to make me feel fabulous, they also aid in protecting your eyes, lessening the damage the sun can do to them. Just like your skin, your eyes can also get sunburned. She also has on a pretty romper in a bright floral print—the perfect print for this season. The romper is sleeveless and short, and in the back it has a pretty, deep, V-shaped cut. For shoes, she has on a pair of strappy wedges, which, in my opinion, should only be worn in the summer. I guess the spring season can borrow the trend, too, but personally, I don’t wear wedges outside of the summer season.

To accessorize, she wears a silver pair of chandelier earrings, a bracelet and a few rings, including her Texas Tech class ring. Her nails are painted pink and white. I think it’s a must to have your nails painted in the summer. Opt for bright colors when you are asked by the nail technician to, “go pick a color.”

How To: Are you feeling this look? Find yourself a romper. Some of my current favorite stores include ASOS and Missguided. I am almost positive you will find something at these stores that you’ll like. Pull out a pair of strappy wedges from your closet (because you should already have at least two pairs of these), and put them on. Don’t forget your sunglasses, and you are all set to go.