ALL IN THE DETAILS: Summer-Chic Scarves

I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but this cold weather spell has me reminiscing of my fall and winter wardrobe. Booties, wool coats and scarves—I love it all. Is anyone else’s favorite season fall just because of the clothing? No? Just me? Well, since fall is my favorite season, I always try to bring some autumn trends into my look, regardless of what Mother Nature feels like brining me that day. Since the cooler weather has me feeling a little more like hot chocolate and foliage and a bit less like beach and sunshine, I’ve decided to have my Fashionista friend bring some of our favorite fall trends into the summertime!

Contrary to popular belief, a scarf can add some serious cool to your outfit—even in the summer heat! This Fashionista tests out the trend with a summer-chic scarf against a white T-shirt, allowing the bright print to be the center of her ensemble. She pairs this look with a pair of high-waisted ripped denim shorts and metallic sandals to keep it cool in the surprisingly mild summer heat. This Fashionista decided to play with a cooler color palette for her outfit, choosing to stick with complementary colors, blue and yellow, in addition to a white hue to top off her look. I always try to play with mixing bright colors and neutrals to keep balance in my outfit and clearly this Fashionista does, too!

Since balance is key when creating any stylish look, it’s super important to maintain balance in the overall appearance of the outfit. If you are choosing a scarf with a really bright and bold print, make sure the rest of your outfit is a bit more neutral, so that your are not creating a distraction from the bold pattern.

How To: Want to replicate this look? Not sure how to rock the summer scarf? Try a bright pattern or bold print to liven up your look. Also, don’t forget to pick a lightweight fabric, such as cotton or chiffon, to ensure that you keep cool in the warm weather.