ALL IN THE DETAILS: Summer Calls For Henna

July 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

If any of you Fashionistas out there are like me then you love to take advantage of the summer for the fact that there are tons of daring trends that you wouldn’t normally try during the school year. Every summer, I typically love to get henna tattoos on my hands to add as an extra everyday accessory to my look. There is a very talented lady that I know named Harsha who does a beautiful job of creating art with the all-natural henna paint. Henna tattoos are an effortless statement that can be made into anything. If you don’t know what henna is, it is just an ink made from a henna plant and when put onto the skin it temporarily leaves a stain for a week or two. Mostly used in Indian culture for weddings and celebrations, henna is a way to express one’s individual art and style. I could spend hours online or on Pinterest looking at all of the different henna designs that are out there.

Running into this Fashionista at a local boutique I was shopping in made me extremely excited. I immediately needed to take her photos. After talking to her I found out that she went to Harsha as well because she is just the best. On this day this Fashionista was wearing a great pair of navy blue cotton shorts. The white Mandala-detailed print on these shorts went perfectly with the henna on her hand expressing the style of the Indian culture. She was also wearing a simple white tank with a cozy cardigan for extra warmth in that air-conditioned store. I love the gold feather necklace and bronze sandals that this Fashionista paired with this outfit as well. The henna adds an extra flair and detail to her ensemble.

How To: Not everyone has a local woman to paint hennas on themselves, but no worries. Henna kits are easy to find and fun to do on your own! Try getting together with a group of friends, Pinterest ideas and let your creativity guide the way. Henna on.