Everybody I know waits for the upcoming summer all winter long. It is a season of barbecues, amusement parks, standing concerts and beaches. While I love winter for endless possibilities in clothes through layering, I also look forward to summer because the season lightens the outfit. It’s a bit imaginative, but the sense of freedom that radiates from such coordination of clothes lifts me up, too!

The featured Fashionista sports rather traditional colors with denim hot pants and a black top. Her revealed legs and Converse-esque, casual footwear reinforce the lightness of the look. But is it unique? Not quite yet.

When I roam about the Cleveland State (#CLEstate) campus, I stop Fashionistas/os as I see them at that moment. The attached pictures show the Fashionista as I stopped her as well. Three points on her outfit were enough for me to go up to her.

First, she definitely knows what she looks like. By that, I mean she picked out the perfect pair of sunglasses that almost look custom made for her face. Bold, blocky shades fit her lean face very well.

Second, the backpack she carries is just awesome. It’s the gut feeling I get. It almost acts like a cape on her back, covering most of the blouse and pants. The inscribed pattern is as bold as the colors it’s concealing and the base color is different from the dominant black and blue. Strictly, the backpack would be the single point item she has on.

However, lastly, I consider another item to be the most interesting piece. Care to take a guess? It’s really not a trick question. It’s her drink! I don’t even mean the popular company logo but the actual color of the drink itself. The black blouse and blue shorts are colors we see everyday. The beige base on her backpack blends well with her skin. But it is that wine red she was carrying in her hands that caught my eye.

In the end, the Fashionista had on more interesting pieces than what I first perceived. Her black top turned out to be a see-through piece that adds to the season exclusive sexiness without revealing too much. Her outfit didn’t look too unusual as a whole, but the Fashionista’s individual items really interested me!

How To: Want to give an unusual point of impact to your outfit? Try a unique accessory that can seamlessly blend into your overall look!