The hot summer weather means shedding a couple of layers. While outfits may be harder to keep interesting due to the lighter layers, accessories are a simple and fun way to spice things up. This Fashionista is sporting several go-to summer accessories that can add interest to any ensemble this season. These accessories are perfectly paired with her gray crop top and high-waisted pants.

Fedoras are a great way to keep the sun off of your face this summer, while adding a fun twist to any outfit.  They can be found in so many different shapes, sizes, colors and materials. The light colored straw fedora seen here is perfect for keeping cool, compared to the heavier felt ones. Next she is wearing a ’90s choker along with a gold body chain that is peaking out from under her outfit, a fun mix of the past and the present. Chokers are an easy way to add a little bit of edge to any outfit. In this Fashionista’s case, the black in her choker also matches her fedora’s sash, nails, pants and sandals which helps tie this look together nicely. The body chain adds a little extra and is a very popular accessory for the summer. For the rest of her jewelry she continued with her black and gold theme with her Chanel ring and bracelet. For shoes, this Fashionista is wearing strappy black sandals.

How To: If you’re feeling brave this summer, mix and match these fun accessories to any of your outfits. Here is a fun shoulder chain that can make a simple top ready for a night out on the town.