ALL IN THE DETAILS: Subtly Sleek in Silver

This week I ran into a Fashionista that accomplished a look everyone aspires to create, the one where less is more and you just look great without looking like you “tried.” It is all in the details with this outfit as this Fashionista embraced silver in a stylish way.

The center of attention first goes to the shiny silver necklace around this Fashionista’s neck. While being pretty and personal, monogramming is extremely trendy upon college students. They can be featured on just about anything and for anything—a hat representing your sorority, a bag perfect for the beach or even a crewneck that was given to you as a gift. In this case, a polished shiny necklace was the choice of this Fashionista and she wore it fabulously.

Below the necklace was a sleek silver top that sparkled with a beaded round neckline. The glitter and flow of the top embraced the fun aspect of summer. Black shorts were a perfect addition as the solid and dark color balanced the rest of the silvers. When it came to the shoes, black sandals were chosen that had shimmery stones. Lastly, she finished accessorizing with cute silver earnings up to her cartilage.

How To: Be stylish without even looking like you tried by finding a focal point. This Fashionista found her focal point with her silver necklace and then rocked silver all around. Now it is up to you—find your focal point, whether it is a headband, a purse, big earrings or an attention grabbing shirt, and then follow the trend with little details in the rest of the outfit! Sometimes, less is more and little details can add up to one RAD look.