ALL IN THE DETAILS: Subtle Touches, Powerful Effect

Fashion maven and beauty advocate Coco Chanel once said, “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” This week’s featured style encompasses the two important concepts of elegance through simplicity. I am not encouraging lack of personality in clothing; I am simply supporting smart choices—the type that lack cheap ostentation that can steal from your personal shine.

The above outfit is a beautiful exposition of elegance and disclosure of personality through simple touches. Choosing a black and white ensemble, this Fashionista adds uniqueness by complementing her clothing with subtle additions. Her beautiful blouse, smartly adorned with an unexpected front twist is combined with black shorts prettified by a bow at the waist. The twist and the bow form a symbiosis that is much applauded. The pieces have a slightly loose fit in order to offer comfort during a hot summer day.

Accessories are essential in completing the look. An elegant silver watch confers a professional air, while a pretty silver stoned ring adds personal charm. The Fashionista revealed that the ring was received from a family member and so for her, it had a special sentimental value. Such pieces of jewelry are reminders of your identity and wonderful additions through their value—one that overpasses aesthetics. To add further flair to such charming pieces, our stylish student sported a beautiful manicure achieved by means of a bold, coral nail polish.

How To: To convey a charming elegance, return to the basics. Find a few pieces in neutral colors and beautiful materials and combine them confidently. Remember that quality is always above quantity, so it is better to enrich your wardrobe with a few key pieces of superior value that can be re-worn and combined in a variety of ways. You can play around with jewelry that represents you but is subtle enough to beautify, rather than bulk up the outfit. Add a pop of color and self-expression by means of your manicure, pedicure or a smartly chosen accessory, such as a bag, sunglasses or hair decoration.