ALL IN THE DETAILS: Stylin' Scarves

Accessories are a key component of every outfit, whether it’s a necklace, headband or even simple earrings. They only add to your outfit and provide additional detail. Accessorizing in the winter is way different than accessorizing in spring or summer. Not only do you need to spice up your outfit, but you need to make sure you are warm doing it! This is why big patterned scarves are the perfect addition to any winter look.

Scarves are great for adding an extra layer of warmth and creating some flair. Basic dark colors are typically worn in winter, and a patterned scarf can make a simple outfit colorful, detailed and stylish. This Fashionista knows how a scarf can pull an entire outfit together! Her look consists of neutral colors that complement each other, and the scarf is obviously the center of attention. Her scarf, which is from a small boutique on Long Island, has a very unique design, which makes it the focal point of the outfit. It has darker tones of blue, purple and some brown, matching every other piece of clothing and creating a wider color scheme.

With her big patterned scarf, this Fashionista is bound to keep warm and look great. Another positive thing about scarves is that there are so many styles—eternity scarves, square scarves and blanket scarves.There are various ways to wear them that ensure warmth and comfort, but no matter which way you wear it, a patterned scarf will always pull your outfit together!

How To: Simply put together an outfit that is appropriate for the cold weather, and tie a patterned scarf around your neck for the finishing touch! You can also put some bold lipstick on for an extra pop of color like this Fashionista did.