ALL IN THE DETAILS: Stunning Simplicity

Concerts are a great place to see all kinds of fashion trends. As I scanned the crowd at a recent concert, I saw everything from festival wear to rock-inspired looks. One thing that most looks had in common was the desire to be seen. Eccentricity was pursued in hopes that maybe one of the Aussie boys in 5 Seconds of Summer would notice. Every look was unique and wild, but this Fashionista caught my eye because of her stunning simplicity.

I admire her use of accessories to make the look so fashion-forward. She took a simple gray T-shirt dress and made a fashion statement by adding timeless accessories. My favorite part about this Fashionista’s style is that I had to actually take a moment to take in her entire look before grasping how all of the pieces fit together to make something very simple, but still flawless. I love that her outfit remained mostly neutral colors. The neutrality throughout made the adorable daisy socks she paired with her Converse All-Stars really stand out. I’ve always been a huge fan of little black cross-body bags, so I fell in love with her square, leather and suede bag. I absolutely adored the tassel on the zipper because it added a dash of uniqueness to a must-have piece.

Her jewelry complements the rest of her look nicely. She kept it simple with small silver pieces draped around her neck, and then added a few chunky pieces to her wrist with a white watch and a silver and white cuff. Her bright red nails add the necessary pop of color in just the right place. I, personally, have been trying to find a great pair of sunglasses, so when I saw her impeccably shaped black Ray-Bans, I was very jealous. This Fashionista’s look appears effortless and that’s what makes it so very stylish.

How To: When going to an event where everyone is trying to stand out in the crowd keep it simple with your attire and use accessories to complete the look. Rely on neutrals for 90 percent of the outfit, then add detailed pops of color to finish the look.