ALL IN THE DETAILS: Stud-ingly Simple

Summer school: a dreadful yet productive activity held indoors for hours at a time. It always seem like a good idea because it’s a way to get ahead or make up for lost credits, but there is always some point during the session where you find yourself questioning how you signed up in the first place. On the bright side, there are many ways to better your time in the classroom. Whether your class may be at eight in the morning or five in the evening, I encourage you to dress for success. Yes it’s summer and yes, this means effort but when you dress like you care, you’ll act like you care (well let’s hope so). If you follow how this Fashionista dressed for class, it’ll all be worthwhile.

This Fashionista’s outfit is the definition of simplicity, and I’m all about it. Her gypsy-like, white blouse and rolled up jean shorts are beyond appropriate for the season, but it’s her accessories that style the look so well. Studs have always been a favorite of mine, and a fun way to spice up an outfit. Her daisy earrings do just that along with her summer class strut. Studs are a fun category to play with because the assortment is endless. A bold color, funky shape or huge sparkle will add a little something to any type of look. Sometimes, studs are the right card to play when wearing a large, statement piece necklace or a busy scarf. An overwhelming outfit is an unhappy outfit and studs can help keep your style on balance. It sounds like I’m campaigning for the right earring; I’m just an advocate for the little guys, okay?

This Fashionista finishes off her outfit with a couple rings and a pair of versatile nude flip flops.

How To: In love with studs too, but don’t know how to translate the look? Put together your craziest pair with a few stacked necklaces and a simple T-shirt. Make them the focus of your outfit and put your hair up to show them off.