ALL IN THE DETAILS: Stock Up On Birkenstock

July 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

It has been an obvious statement in cities all around the world that women are revolting from the days of bandaids and blisters from strutting around the streets all day in their uncomfortable high heels. Now, women are seeking the most comfortable shoe possible. This is also known as the “ugly shoe movement,” but no one can deny that they are walking with a much more genuine smile on their face now that they are able to wear shoes such as sneakers and sandals that are complete with wonderful padding and foot support. One shoe in particular that has been taking over the feet of humankind is the Birkenstock sandal. If you do not immediately think of Rocket Power and the infamous “shoebies,” odds are you missed out on the peak of ’90s children’s shows. However, no one is doubting that these sandals make for a perfect boho-chic statement and go hand in hand with the comeback of ’90s trends such as Calvin Klein logo shirts and high-waisted “mom” jeans.

This Fashionista paired her thick strapped sandals with a flowy dress and simple jewelry on her wrists such as the thin black leather watch and silver rings. Her look is effortless and comfortable while perfecting this new trend. This is the outfit of choice for any day, whether you are running around the chaotic streets of the city, working on your feet all day or even spending the day at the beach.

Comfort is the newest trend and we are seeing endless ways in which designers and bringing comfort back into style. So put away your heels that are just a little to tight on the toes and your flats that leave horrendous blisters on your heels and start dressing for summer comfort and long days of enjoying the sun while running around outside.

How To: Loving the comfortable sandal look but a little intimidated by the bold statement of the thick belts on the Birkenstock sandal? A great alternative is to head down to Target and Urban Outfitters and shop for a similar sandal that has a simple and clean leather strap. This will imitate the look but in a more subtle way while keeping the full comfort.