ALL IN THE DETAILS: Statement Weather

Winter style usually translates to your warmest sweater and your favorite pair of boots. But often when we think of the cold, we don’t always think of cute. This Fashionista, however, proves that you can be both cute and warm at the same time. And what’s her secret you ask? It all comes down to one exciting aspect of any outfit: accessorizing. This fellow Fashionista added a statement necklace to her outfit in order to spice up a rather gloomy and drab winter day. With so many interesting and detailed statement necklaces, why focus on the cold when you can focus on a great statement piece instead?

And this Fashionista didn’t stop there. To keep her focus off the cold, she kept her entire outfit detail-oriented. She paired her delicate necklace with a black and white sweater ordained with dainty lace. Our fellow Fashionista finished her look off with a great pair of black pants, an elegant headband to keep the flyaway hairs from her face and two-toned riding boots to keep her feet dry from the cold drizzle. These added steps took her outfit to the next level, and the best part of her outfit was that fact that she didn’t have to worry about the cold weather.

How To: Afraid to rock a great statement necklace? There’s no need to worry. Keep your outfit simple with neutral colors, and let the necklace speak for itself. Pick a vibrant and interesting statement necklace, and pair it with your favorite white T-shirt, your comfiest dark wash jeans, a great black coat and some flats or boots for a more laid back yet put together vibe. With a cute look like this, the confidence will surely follow.