ALL IN THE DETAILS: Star Tights and Everything Nice

Accessorizing is hard. It may not seem so when you’re only donning a hat, a pair of shades or maybe your favorite piece of jewelry, but what if you want to wear it all versus simply settling for one at a time? The Fashionista I found has got you covered. She’s even found use for those cool printed tights you bought on sale, even though you knew you may never wear them—don’t feel guilty. We all do it!

This Fashionista chose a basic T-shirt dress to display her accessories, but one of the best things about basics is that they can be easily swapped, meaning if you would like to rock her look and you don’t have a dress, something similar like a plain T-shirt and skirt would work just fine. The color black may not be anyone’s favorite choice during the summer, but because your accessories will be taking center stage, the only rule is to make sure your clothing choices stay away from distracting colors and patterns. If you’re lacking accessories, bold makeup is a great way to make up for what you’re missing!

How To: Gather your accessories. Follow this Fashionista’s example and keep the majority of your accessories in the same color range as your outfit. Lastly, find the piece that makes you stand out. If your summer days are sunny, grab a floppy hat and some sunnies, or try something new and turn a patterned scarf into a headband. If you’re dealing with stormy skies, invest in a cute umbrella.