April 17th, 2015 at 2:00am

Although there is a shift towards softer colors this season, these pale pastels and neutrals aren’t the only hues making appearances on campuses and runways. It seems as though everyone has come down with a cold case of spring blues. From icy to true denim to royal, these shades of blue have left unforgettable statements in our hearts and wardrobes.

This Fashionsita was not afraid to showcase those spring blues by wearing a royal blue skater dress with a white knit cardigan. This combination is the perfect way to blend in this bold tint without overdoing it. The soft neutral acted as a counterbalance to the accentuation of the blue, which created a soothing effect. She continued this offsetting theme with a two-toned leather bag, black sunglasses and flip flops. The bag was a great detail to add to her outfit because of its difference in material and color. The black and rich brown added sophistication to her ensemble in a way that differed from the dress and cardigan. The sunglasses and flip flops were the perfect finishing touch that reflected the warm and sunny spring day.

How To: When you start bringing back the pale and understated colors this spring, try incorporating shades of blue to complement or offset them. Blue is an excellent substitute for black this season as you start welcoming lighter colors and less layers. It’s classic and clean in detail and can be a subtle transition from the darks of winter. To incorporate this trend into your wardrobe, find a fresh white dress or two-piece and pair it with a royal blue coat and white platforms; if you’re in the mood for the lighter end of the spectrum, opt for a pale blue coat instead.