July 15th, 2015 at 2:00am

The undeniable beauty about fashion is that it allows us to take on a different persona everyday, dependent on how we currently feel. We can choose to wear paired down pieces with a no makeup-makeup look for a relaxed feel, wear dark muted colors that may match a gloomy disposition or (my personal fave) opt for garments that have a whimsical flair to convey how adventurous or happy we are that day. Fashion chameleons who can harbor all of these looks and seamlessly morph into another unique outfit for the next day and the day after that are people we should all try to pay mind to. Sure we may have fashion trend favorites and preferences, but (prepare for the cliché yet favorable line) life is too short to stick to one look when there’s an array of trends to try and cater to our own personal touch.

This Fashionista kept things fun and light with airy polka-dot shorts and a jersey-inspired T-shirt. The unconventional and bold print of the shorts was a perfect combo to her minimalist top. Sporty-inspired pieces have made countless appearances within recent fashion week shows. Perhaps people are attracted to the duality of the runway trend. It’s conventionally supposed to be for casual work-out wear, but once you convert a basic fitted cap into a leather brimmed accessory and swap sneakers for chunky thick banded heels, the trend resembles a Cinderella story: sporty-chic girl morphs into Olympian fashion forward woman.

The whimsical nature of the Fashionista’s outfit was continuously conveyed through bright bursts of color, bordering on neon fluroscent hues. Her watch and slip-on sandals resembled the fun shades found in a 100-pack of crayons. New York City residents love to run to their basic solid colors as their uniform for the day ahead, even during summer, but whenever a Fashionista chooses to play around with a multitude of candy colored shades, it’s an appreciated switch-up from the norm. Her yellow polish matched the sublime expression on Winnie the Pooh’s face, as he dangled blissfully from the zipper of the equally child-like toothy grin of her entertaining backpack.

How To: Convey your emotions through your fashionable picks for the day. If you’re feeling happy and the sun isn’t out that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your A-game on through your threads. Try on sporty pieces with bright hues and layer on the small details (like the Fashionist’s keychains or wild choice of a bag) to turn up the wow factor of your look.