ALL IN THE DETAILS: Split Sides And Colored Jeans

Summer weather is becoming more and more unpredictable. Every summer we have fewer hot sunny days and more chilly, rainy days. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The different weather patterns give us the opportunity to change up our wardrobe. Instead of sticking to the usual summer go-tos like sundresses or mini skirts, you can throw in some jeans, split side tank-tops, and even a few cardigans. The trick to changing up your outfits to fit the different weather trends is all in the details. Just look at how this Fashionista played with seasonal favorites with this stylish outfit.

This wasn’t a particularly warm day on campus; it was a little breezy but warm in the right spots. This Fashionista clearly dressed for the weather. My favorite part of her outfit is the split side tank top with the very cool ship and whale graphic. Why is it my favorite part? Because of the split side, of course. Split side shirts are one of the most popular and trendy items this season. You can’t walk into a mall without seeing a split side shirt.

Our Fashionista paired her blue split sided shirt with a pair of on-trend burgundy skinny jeans. Burgundy has been a very popular color throughout the year. It goes with almost any color and can take an outfit to the next level; which is exactly what our Fashionista did with her outfit. Instead of pairing her split side top with basic blue jeans she went the extra mile and paired it with burgundy skinny jeans.

How To: Getting this look is simple. You can take any split side top and pair it with your favorite pair of colored skinny jeans. The great thing about this outfit is that it can be casual or dressed up. If you aren’t into graphic T-shirts, you can substitute it with an awesome collared, button-down split side shirt. The collar adds a bit of class and sophistication to the outfit. As for the jeans, they don’t have to be burgundy. Try a pair of mustard yellow, hunter green or even black skinny jeans; try straying away from the traditional denim for a day!