ALL IN THE DETAILS: Spikes and Skulls

The heat keeps rising and the rain keeps on coming. Picking out an outfit for roaming the city can be difficult to begin with but with humidity at a high, the lighter the layers the better. New York City and most of the East Coast is known for humid heat while the western USA is known for dry heat. The difficult thing that comes about while dressing for humid weather compared to dry weather is having to focus on loose layers that do not capture sweat. This Fashionista seems to have found an on-point look for a hot summer’s day.

A loose black tank gives the skin a chance to get a golden kiss while keeping a conservative classic look. This Fashionista also sported boyfriend cut studded shorts while her choice of accessories shorts brought an edge to her look. Topping things off, this Fashionista’s choice in accessories took her game even higher.

Skulls have always been a strong attraction of mine, so you can imagine that this Fashionista’s full skull bracelet sent me over the top with joy. She also sported a few simple band rings, a long chained necklace and a black with gold hints sports watch. Her classic look inspires me to go with the flow of the heat and keep my accessories at a high. If you are looking to keep things simple, comfortable and edgy but cute, this Fashionista is the one to inspire you!

How To: Accessories can be the best part of picking out your look. A simple way to perfect this edgy look is by picking out pieces you can wear everyday. Add a simple bracelet that has a unique twist and classic rings to spice things up. You can also push it slightly further by sporting studded jeans to bring out the hardware vibes.