ALL IN THE DETAILS: Southern Sunnies

Shakespeare once wrote, “A rose by any other name is just as sweet,” but the same can be said for sunglasses. Some call them aviators, others, sunnies. There’s no wrong name for protective eyewear, but no name is more suitable than necessary. The unforgiving heat of Charleston is only matched by the bright, sunny rays that cast down from above. Our only hope of fashionable survival? Sunglasses, or sunnies, as I like to call them. Accessories can definitely make or break the outfit. Luckily, this Fashionista’s sunglasses may break some rules, but they make her outfit. Aviators are typically a very safe sunglass choice because they both match most styles of fashion and are flattering on most people. This Fashionista steps up her game by opting for fashion-forward, trendsetting reflective blue-green aviator sunglasses. Eyes may be the window to the soul, but her sunglasses are the window to her fashion sense. One look, and you know she’s confident and fierce.

By choosing a neutral color palette—black shirt, white pants and cognac purse—this Fashionista creates the perfect canvas for showcasing all her accessories. Sunglasses aside, she uses her golden jewelry and shoes to show some southern pride. Not only do some trends tend to localize in certain areas of the world, but some trends do not exist in some places altogether. Take for example, have you heard of Chacos? Yes — you’re southern. No — you probably live down the street from me in Colorado. Keeping it southern, this Charleston Fashionista is sporting a monogram necklace and Jack Rogers. While UGGs and yoga pants seem to be on what some people call the “white girl checklist,” the southern girl checklist includes Chacos, Lily Pulitzer, monograms and Jack Rogers. Two for four isn’t too bad.

How To: Want to step up your fashion game? Take a cue from this southern Fashionista and stick to a neutral color scheme. Then, try these accessories on for size: find a pair of standout sunglasses (this can mean oversized, funky colors or retro), slip on some Jack Rogers (otherwise known as the cute but walkable sandal) and let the world know your name—or at least your initials—with a monogram necklace.