ALL IN THE DETAILS: Southern Belle

Finding this Fashionista was an absolutely lovely occurrence. When I think of a Southern Belle, I think cowboy boots and Luke Bryan. This week’s Fashionista actually embodies what I mean. Letters and boots and pearls: oh my!

By starting off with pearls, this Fashionista is already slaying the game. With not only pearls hanging from her neck, but also her ears, it is impossible to miss the classiness exuded. Pearls are popping up everywhere, easy to wear with nearly anything to create a more polished look and easy to sport in different ways. Next, our Fashionista embodies a huge piece of the South: sororities! Her ring not only furthers this polished appearance, but allows her to represent all around campus.

Probably my favorite piece of this Fashionista’s outfit, however, are her boots. She looks so put together in her cowboy boots! They are comfortable, durable and (dare I say?) easy to rock! For days when you want to look as lovely as this Fashionista does and your class seems to be an hour long walk from your dorm, put cowboy boots on your feet and the trek won’t seem nearly as bad. Representing Southern culture and this look all at once, cowboy boots are a must-have. Whether they are off the rack or custom made, they can work to dress up or dress down any outfit.

How To: Fearlessly wear cowboy boots around campus! Whether you are down south, out west or anywhere else, it isn’t difficult to brave the winter in boots! Paired with jewelry to rock a more high end look or jeans and a T-shirt to tackle a gross and unnecessary Monday, cowboy boots can help you stand out while looking like the perfect Fashionista you are.