ALL IN THE DETAILS: Snapback Comeback

July 7th, 2015 at 2:00am

Who said guys are the only ones who can rock a snapback? Wrong! This season brought with it a wave of printed, colorful, feminine hats and caps that will surely change the way style lovers think of accessorizing. Although fedoras and bowler hats are usually more common amongst Fashionistas’ closets, snapbacks are a perfectly good option as well. For those of you who are still not sure, a snapback is basically just another name for a flat brim baseball cap. Whether it be beachwear, sportswear or just a casual attire, this type of cap not only provides some shade from the heavy sun, but it can also serve as the ideal finishing touch on a cute summer ensemble.

In my opinion, this Fashionista’s look made her seem like the ultimate cool girl, ready to have a blast. I might not know where her path was headed, but I’m sure she would’ve looked flawless during any music festival, skate park frenzy or summer adventure that came her way. Today, the trendy gal seen above chose a flower print snapback as the principal component of her attire. I must say, that even though this kind of accessory is not what I normally go for, I am more than willing to step out of my comfort zone for this amazing piece. The colors of the print inspired her to select an aqua blue, chiffon top and pink mantra-type necklace to complement her main accessory.

This Fashionista went on to complete her outfit by adding light wash, distressed denim shorts and a pair of high-top, worn down Converse All-Stars (hint: no one likes perfectly clean Converse anyway). Her Zara bag, one of my favorite items of the whole ensemble, is a fashion enthusiast’s dream when it comes to backpacks. It is the optimal blend between functionality, versatility and style. Lastly, the finishing touch on the look was a Nixon digital watch that matched the sporty-feminine vibes of her snapback.

How To: If any of you Fashionistas have been afraid of incorporating a masculine-chic piece into your outfits, try starting off with one of Picalo PR’s snapbacks. They are a totally new take on a timeless item and are made entirely by local Puerto Rican artists. Find one that fits your personal aesthetic and the rest is history.