What’s summer without one or two trips to the beach, and for those of us living up north a much overdue dose of vitamin sea and some salty breeze brushing our hair. When it comes to visiting the ocean, there’s nothing better than jumping into the water, swimming and floating in your favorite swimsuit until you think you’ve become a mermaid. But before or after you leave the water, a RAD outfit awaits to be taken out of the suitcase and out to the sun where it wants to be worn.

You can choose to wear shorts, you can choose to wear a T-shirt or even choose to wear a towel, but this Fashionista chose to wear a patterned maxi dress to complement her recently acquired tan. The colorful snakeskin print transforms the dress from a simple maxi, into a statement maxi, meaning it doesn’t need much accessorizing to look fabulously beach ready.

The golden buttons match perfectly with this brown haired beauty’s all-time favorite star ring by Miami based jewelry designer, Krystal Sasso. Both eyes and skin always need to be protected from the sun, and to do so she is wearing big black shades by Miu Miu, and the body cream sunscreen by Clinique.

Though she can be known as quite the shoe lover, the beach asked this Fashionista to leave her babies back home and instead show of her recently pedicured toes with a sleek dark nail polish.

How To: Feel like going to the beach now? Summer is just a few days away, so there’s no time to loose. Here’s your checklist: Favorite animal print maxi dress, one or two small accessories and a mani pedi to have your nail game on point. Don’t forget to keep the accessories simple to give the dress the center of attention it deserves.