ALL IN THE DETAILS: Smells Like Rad Patchwork

If you were cast in in a series shot by Petra Collins to give some serious side eye to someone in a strip mall parking lot, you’d wear this outfit.

This Fashionista blends thrifted gems with current trends, most notably with embroidery and patches. Needlework of various kinds has been trending since last fall, according to Vogue. Patches have made their comeback through brands that promote their work on Instagram. This includes Ball and Chain Society, an online store that sells items similar to the patches this Fashionista is sporting.

This trend is also popular among major fashion houses, including this jacket that features patchwork and embroidery from Gucci. If you’re not into shipping and handling costs, iron-ons similar to this Fashionista’s can also be found at Urban Outfitters.

Despite these elements being subtle, they launch this classic grunge look into the now. The embroidery pops on the back of the jacket because the red stitching is layered over black and white. She ties it all together by color-blocking the rest of her outfit to make these tones pop.

This trend is part of the styles of the ’90s that have resurfaced on the shelves of many mainstream retailers. However, her outfit is almost entirely thrifted. Fun fact: she works at a consignment store in Toronto.

“I like thrifting partially because I’m a broke student with not-so-broke student style desires,” she said.

Even if thrifting isn’t your bag, don’t consider yourself beat…

How To: Elements from this era are super popular this season, notably chokers and scrunchies. Graphic T-shirts like the one she is wearing have become a wardrobe staple for some, and can be bought from brands like Brandy Melville. Shoes almost exactly like the ones pictured are available at American Apparel.

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