ALL IN THE DETAILS: Slaying in the Cold

When our alarm goes off early in the morning, we tend to debate whether sleeping or looking good for class is more important. With the cold weather, there is no doubt that some of us, myself included, would rather get more sleep and just throw on some sweatpants and an oversized sweater on. I mean hello, we need our beauty sleep! Besides, Drake has told us in “Fancy” that we look the prettiest with: sweatpants, hair-tied and no makeup on. He wouldn’t lie to us right?

It is okay to have a “lazy day” type of outfit, but don’t let it become a habit you never know who you will run into. First impressions only happen once, you wouldn’t want to waste it by looking like you just rolled out of bed, even if that is exactly what you did. Getting plenty of sleep and looking good shouldn’t be a constant battle in the morning.

This Fashionista here manages to go throughout her day with style without having to risk her sleep. In order to be comfortable but still look stylish, she substitutes sweatpants with leggings and wears knee-high socks. Knee-high socks are a great item to have, because you can wear them in any type of weather, and they look rad with any type of style. Boots are also a must-have item in your wardrobe; tall boots in particular are great to wear especially with leggings, and they also make your legs look long.

This Fashionista completes her outfit with a knit sweater and adds an extra touch to her ensemble, by layering it with an infinity scarf. Even when it’s cold outside you can’t let your inner fashion diva sleep. Finding a comfortable and stylish outfit in the morning shouldn’t be a struggle. Instead of snoozing your alarm, get up and slay!

How To: Layering your sweater with a scarf will add texture to your look, especially if your scarf has some type of design or pattern.