Winter can put a limit on a lot of your fashion choices. You can’t just throw anything on anymore. Instead, you have to think about if it will be warm enough for your trek to and from class, and if it will last throughout the day. A puffy coat or a ski mask will do the job, but sometimes you want to transition your spring and summer clothes into the winter! Boot socks will help you do just that.

This Fashionista piled on the accessories and looked fabulous while doing so! Her long sleeve patterned dress is perfect for the cold weather. The belt cinches at her waist and prevents the dress from looking too baggy. She adds a super fuzzy brown scarf for warmth and aviator sunglasses to block those pesky rays. Her black tights, boot socks and tall black leather boots allow her to wear this pretty dress, without having the fear of freezing to death!

Her cream-colored boot socks have buttons and a touch of lace detailing, but there are about a billion pairs out there for you to choose from! A basic pair in a neutral color like black, white, brown, cream or navy will go with almost anything. Try a pair of thigh-highs for ultimate warmth. A cute pair in a fair isle print is perfect for winter. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, try ones in a neon color! There are no limits when it comes to this trend.

How To: Adding a pair of boot socks under your favorite pair of boots lets you wear dresses, skirts, tights, skinny jeans or leggings no matter what the weather is like. Keep them pulled up with riding boots or push them down with a pair of combat boots or booties. They are the perfect accessory to both spruce up your outfit and keep your toes toasty!