Now this look is black and white done right. Black and white is dangerous territory considering these two basics can get very boring very quickly, but this Fashionista has steered clear of a total snooze with some of the best flats I have ever seen. Can you say #RAD? Her YRL phalanges flats are attention grabbers and a great piece for a summer in the city. They are nice and open to keep things cool, and they’re perfect for walking around campus! Not to mention they are a total conversation starter.

This Fashionista has built up an outfit off her shoes in all black and white to keep the theme of the skele-toes focused. She has opted for some Lucky Brand black skinny jeans in a thin material which makes them functional for summer while matching the flats. On top she chose a black tank top from Marist College, her school, with a white “M” swirled onto it. Fun fact: at Marist they actually have a store called Fashionology that sells school apparel in trendy designs and fashionable prints rather than your typical sports gear with a school logo emblazoned all over it. This is a great option to show some school spirit and still look put together.

The black and white outfit really emphasizes the star of the show: her shoes. The flats have intricate detailing on them to create some pretty awesome looking skeleton toes that stand right out in the city streets. Also, the dramatic coloring of this outfit, or lack thereof, makes it stand out. The monochrome look has been on the rise in the past couple years, and this is a perfect way to try it out with some edgy graphics. To top it all off, she went for some flashy, mirrored sunglasses from H&M for a quick pop of color. The orange red splash of color is the perfect accessory!

The great thing about these flats is how versatile they actually are. Even though they seem like a hard piece to pair (how often do you put on skele-toes), they are black and white and easy to piece to mix and match! Try any solid color bottoms and a graphic top (just nothing with a crazy print) and violá! Skele-toe perfection.

How To: Want to try out the graphic shoe look? Pick up any graphic flat you like and pair it with some skinnies of a color in the shoe and a matching top! The graphic ballet flat can be found in countless prints and designs, so you can really try this look out in any style you please!