Kendall Jenner just got the tiniest tattoo I’ve ever seen, but when it comes to today’s day and age, tiny tattoos are a fashion statement that cannot be overlooked. Cara Delevingne has ‘BACON’ tattooed on her right foot to show the world how much she loves bacon and ‘MADE IN ENGLAND’ on her left. Actor, Ashley Benson, has a tiny ‘3’ tattooed as a superstition for her lucky number. “All things happen to me in threes,” she was quoted in a wetpaint article. On the streets of New York City, it is easy to catch a glimpse of Fashionistas’ tattoos through their crop tops and low cut sundresses.

This Fashionista had tattoos that gave me a slight insight to what her interests might be. Her tattoo of a clothes hanger reminded me of the old CollegeFashionista logo. Sometimes, Fashionistas can have trouble showing off their tattoos, but in the hot summer, it’s easy to dress around them. Her tank top crop top was an edgy match to her clean cut tattoos. One asset I loved about this Fashionista’s look is her pairing of a leather backpack and leather booties. Leather is my go-to in any weather, anywhere and anytime. One thing I personally loved about this Fashionista’s tattoos were the simplicity of each one and the detail that showed they stood for something in her life.

How To: Getting a tattoo is something permanent. When choosing your tattoo, make sure you’ve thought it out completely. Picking something that represents a belief you have or a memory is always a good choice. After you get your tattoo, show it off by wearing an outfit that’s cut doesn’t cover it up.