ALL IN THE DETAILS: Simplistically Black

June 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

Elegant, elaborate and complex, yet simple. These are all the things that describe wearing the color black. Black is known for many things when worn such as how it has slimming features, it can generally match anything and that pretty much everyone looks good in the color. There is a difference between looking good and mastering the color of black with a vengeance. In one of our favorite fashion movies, The Devil Wears Prada, Anne Hathaway, who played Andrea Sachs, always found ways to make black look simplistic but edgy with just one simple aspect. Andrea Sachs made her outfit (which is lined) stand out more by matching black with black, even when it was sheer, with standout elements such as her jewelry.

This Fashionista has accomplished just this with her different cohesive elements from her oversized glasses, her sandals and her belted dress. She has also accomplished having simple stand out elements which include her pocketbook, bracelets and the small string around her ankle. As this Fashionista rushes off to give a speech, her dress will draw the audience in. Her dress has a textured pattern with a sheer element that shows  a shade of purple, which could be considered to be lavender, behind it. The belt is very simple but makes the dress stand out more than it would alone. Though the belt most likely came with the dress, she could always choose to switch up the color to match her purse or anything else to make her staple piece stand out more. The pocketbook alone is a great standout element due to the contrasting of colors between the light brown and bright lime green against the black.

My favorite element of her outfit, though it might seem small, are her glasses frames. Whether they are prescription or just a simple accessory, this is a simple way to enhance your look. Oversized frames are very much in style and can be found in many colors. This element can take your look to the next level easily. These glasses can not only make you look smart but accentuate your facial structure and make your eyes look naturally bigger, which adds youth to your facial features.

How To: Has summer made you feel like black is not a color of choice due to heat? Well simply wear a breathable and simplistic dress and all you have to do is dress it up with simple elements like a bracelet or purse. Black will always be in style because black is the new black.