ALL IN THE DETAILS: Simplicity Stands Out

Asked to describe a typical New England winter and a shivering Bostonian will not hesitate to reply with a phrases like “plunging temperatures”, “endless snowfall” and “bitter wind chill.” However, this year took a different turn of events. Believe it or not, it has been relatively warm. And yes, you guessed it; New Englanders are taking advantage of these temperatures. One look around a college campus and it becomes evident that students are skipping the heavy winter jackets, mittens and earmuffs. Instead, students utilize the magic of layering and accessorizing with light scarves, beanies and vests.

I spotted this Fashionisto because of the several small and trendy details that make his timeless outfit a success. To start with the basics, this Fashionisto is wearing light jeans to anchor his outfit while adding contrast to the light washed button-down. Looking closely at the detail of the button-down, the splash of pink adds a fun detail to the outfit and the complementary gray vest adds texture and extra warmth. Though the range of jewelry for a man is limited, this Fashionisto proves that he is the master of accessorizing by adding two key elements: a watch and sunglasses. These simple masculine accessories create a classic edgy appeal. The last key to this outfit is the crisp leather shoe. The shoes tie everything together and make you take a double look at this Fashionisto.

How To: As the saying goes, learn to appreciate the little things in life. Accessories not only allow others to have another glimpse into your style, they can also create a huge difference in an outfit. Start with the basic white T-shirt and dark denim jeans and then add a signature belt, bright printed socks or a trendy scarf so that your outfit has an extra “oomph.” Even switching accessories based on the occasion can create a completely different look for class, a weekend errand or even a Friday night dinner date.