All In The Details: Simple Yet Effective

Hello fellow fashion lovers! It is officially summer! It’s time to bring out the swimsuits and get ready for all of the outdoor fun and events that are in the next coming months!

My favorite thing is when I see something so simple just change the feel of an outfit. It happens all through the year, but with new styles and trends it’s interesting to see how it translates when the seasons change. With it now officially being summer this Fashionista did just that by pairing a simple T-shirt with cool ripped jeans and accessories. This outfit is perfect for all those summer activities we love. Whether it involves going to a concert with some friends, or a barbecue.

Everything about this outfit gives something different to the outfit as its own piece. The ripped jeans gives off a ’90s grunge aesthetic and gives a more relaxed feel to the outfit. The bralette adds a subtle femininity and chicness as well as these super cute flats. To top it off this Fashionista wore a simple black T-shirt with small but noticeable gold jewelry; just add a cute handbag and it’s icing on the cake!

How To: Grab any solid colored top you own, could be a T-shirt or a blouse. Pair it with distressed/ripped jeans of any color and pair it with solid color shoes and accessories of your choice! I encourage you to really make it your own and put your own twist on it! Just like that your outfit can be simple, yet effective. Get the look with this T-shirt, braletteflatsjeans and handbag.