ALL IN THE DETAILS: Simple Statements

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Simple Statements

I think everyone has struggled with wanting his or her outfit to be both unique and stand out without going totally overboard. This Fashionista has definitely found the balance between keeping an outfit simple while still making a statement and I think it’s safe to say we all want to know her secret. This outfit is a dream combining so many of the latest trends.

This Fashionista is rocking a trendy button-down skirt, which are extremely popular right now and this particular one makes the whole outfit. I love how your eyes are drawn right to the skirt; the buttons assist in making it the focal point of the entire outfit.

The simplicity of her accessories don’t distract from the outfit at all, but help keep the outfit simple. The dainty layered necklaces are super hipster and small enough to be seen, but not too big to where they are taking away from other elements of the outfit. The yin and yang necklace is extremely unique and different from anything else right now. The mixing of the black and silver chains of the two necklaces are the perfect colors that are sure not to clash. The small watch this Fashionista is wearing has a subtle hint of rose gold in it, which compliments the colors in her shirt so perfectly along with the small silver ring. She also paired an Alex and Ani bracelet with her outfit, which are so popular right now. Rightfully so, because they are the most simple small bangles; you can easily wear one or a bunch and they’re so cute either way!

How To: Keeping an outfit simple really should be easy! Pick the one piece of the outfit you want to be the focal point and go from there. Add a few small accessories and your look will look effortless while still making a statement!