It is August, which means the cooler months are approaching. Fashionistas are pulling out their flannels. Flannels have become an essential for Fashionista’s closets. The preppy style is popular because there are so many ways to style these tops. The best way to style is a statement necklace. Buttoning the shirt all the way brings a masculine touch to the complete look. Adding the statement necklace takes the flannel the extra mile.

To still stay in season, this Fashionista is wearing a flannel that is light in fabric and has bright colors. Buttoning up the flannel all the way will allow you to showcase the statement necklace. If you feel like you’re suffocating, you can leave one button open. The statement necklace makes the look more personal because it is based on your personal style. This statement necklace that this lovely Fashionista is wearing is bohemian-inspired.

A statement necklace is a nice little peek-a-boo. It brings attention to the eyes and gives the outfit a visual interest. Nobody wants an outfit that is dull or looks like everyone else’s. Jewelry makes or breaks the outfit. It is an important tool to showcase your beautiful personality and makes you stand out among the rest.

How To: To imitate this look, get a flannel top. It can be in any color combination of your choosing. Pair the top with distressed boyfriend jeans because it goes with the masculine look we are going for. Button the top as high as you can, then put on a bold statement necklace. As an option, you can put on a wide brim hat.