ALL IN THE DETAILS: She's Always Gone

The new semester is just beginning, and besides the excitement of new classes and new people, the main focus on students’ minds is how to survive the grueling winter days–in style, of course! Around this time in the school year, most of the Fashionistas around campus are seeking solace in the comfort of warm crewnecks, sweaters, sweatshirts, and sweatpants. This Fashionista is daring to be bold, comfortable and stylish all at the same time. A classy flannel and thick leggings are the perfectly achieved combination of a fashion lover who manages to dress cute while staying perfectly cozy.

Most people think that making a fashion statement means creating an outfit that consists of completely crazy patterns or incredibly “out there” jewelry pieces. I would venture to say that this Fashionista made a statement of her own. Her back-to-school ready outfit is completed by her subtle and accessible accessories. Going with a casual look, this Fashionista chose a pink and white pom-pom beanie. The bright colors of her hat pop against the neutral tones of her warm jacket and help her stand out even more. Paired with thick wool socks, her trendy SOREL boots will without a doubt help her stay warm while still showing off her passion for fashion.

How To: Always one to stay stylish and keep up with widespread fashion trends, this particular Fashionista opted to pair her classy flannel top with classic black leggings. She added a thick basic winter jacket, thick wool socks and trendy winter boots to help keep her warm from the snow on her way to her classes. Going with a more formal look, her socks can be worn with long boots and paired with a pair of dark washed distressed jeans. Winter beanies are totally versatile and can complete almost any look.