ALL IN THE DETAILS: She's A Converse All-Star

As we approach the cusp between the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, Fashionistos and Fashionistas alike seem to hold the same mentality. Almost everyone wants to start dressing for fall. Somehow, pants seem way more appealing than denim cut-offs and tank tops are traded for quarter-sleeve shirts. Bright colors are stowed away and black and gray hues are brought back into people’s wardrobe. As we bid adieu to sandals, close-toed shoes are pulled out of the depths of the closet. However, there are few styles of shoes that incorporate both an autumn and summer vibe. Converse sneakers definitely fit that role, being a very versatile and casual shoe.

This Fashionista opted for white high-top Converse sneakers to help her ensemble give off an “I’m over summer” vibe. The white Converse go with any and every outfit, making for a sort of blank canvas to give the Fashionista/o the liberty to style the rest of his or her outfit with any color or pattern. The sneakers look good with pants or skirts, but this Fashionista chose boyfriend jeans for her casual look. Her kate spade purse is simple and understated, along with her striped shirt. As for her accessories, the Fashionista’s wayfarer sunglasses and gold watch tie together her overall look.

How To: To pair high-top sneakers with jeans, roll the end of your pants haphazardly for an urban, unconventional look. The sneakers also look great styled with a skirt or casual dress. Converse sneakers can be styled with many different outfits, there’s really no limits when it comes to this shoe.