Let’s face it—with summer in full swing, we’d do anything to avoid wearing thick and heavy clothing in this muggy weather. This creates a dilemma, though. We’re stuck wearing either short shorts, bikinis or clothing that isn’t appropriate for anything but the beach. As much as we’d all love to spend everyday at the beach, most of us have jobs and internships to attend to, and finding summer business-casual wear to these obligations can be difficult. When I spotted this Fashionista on campus, I couldn’t resist capturing her perfect summer work ensemble. What really caught my eye was her beautiful and airy sheer blouse, the perfect summer addition to any working gal’s wardrobe.

Sheer pieces like this are perfect for the summer because they are modest yet fashionable and cool for those excruciatingly hot temps. Who likes having embarrassing sweat stains at work? (Or anywhere, for that matter). This floral blouse paired with a bandeau or camisole underneath for more coverage nixes all those sweat stain problems while still proving to be office appropriate. Worn with a simple pair of black skinny trousers and strappy wedges, this girl is surely on her way to climbing the corporate ladder at work and doing so in style.

To finish off the ensemble, this Fashionista decided to rock some aviator sunnies, a bold double link gold chain necklace and bright neon pink statement earrings to add just the right amount of color to her outfit. Whoever said work clothing had to be boring?!

How To: To get this Fashionista’s fabulous look, pair a sheer blouse (of any pattern) with whatever bottoms your heart desires! Stick with bandeaus and denim for a more casual look and tank tops with structured pants or a pencil skirt to remain more professional looking. Play around with different styles—versatile clothing pieces are the best pieces!