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Some outfits just look like they are missing something, while some just look like too much is going on. This Fashionista’s outfit was just right, bold and elegant.

She wore a spaghetti strap tank top with a pair of high-waisted shorts, a pair of platform sandals and a sheer top around her waist. Black is classic, and it is always a safe choice. It is a color that screams attitude and confidence.

There are two details about her outfit that made it stand out. First is her top. Straps on tanks are becoming thinner and thinner but also more and more popular. Her top in this outfit curves inwards towards her collarbone, and carves out her shoulders to make her torso look slim and lean. These narrow necked tops are a great way to reshape your upper body and are easily found at many branded retail stores. If you are confident enough, you can always go for strapless bras or stick on gel bras for a cleaner and classier look. However, they are not always the most comfortable or convenient choice, so any bra strap that is of a similar color to your top will do.

Second, is her sheer top around her waist. We have all seen people with flannels around their waists for casual outings or weekend wear. This Fashionista has taken this trend to the next level. The translucent nature of sheer instantly makes it a fun and daring material to wear. Tying it around her waist makes it seem like an asymmetrical skirt. It also makes her appear a few inches taller. Having something around your waist can help hide wider hips, elongate lean legs and accentuate thin waists, making this a good trick to add to your outfit to reshape your lower body.

How To: You don’t need anything fancy to look fancy. Go ahead and wear that thin necked top, and throw on something around your waist (try sheer).