ALL IN THE DETAILS: Shady Business in Pastels

Monochromes and neutrals may give off clean, chic vibes, but they can often come off as boring or too harsh, especially during the hotter months. You can easily transform a dull, black and white outfit into a lovely, summer appropriate look by adding hints of muted colors like pastels. This Fashionista decided to add the perfect amount of feminine touch to her overall chic and cleanly put together outfit by pairing pastel pink accessories. Through her choice of details, she proves that even the slightest hint of color can add vibrancy and energy to an outfit.

By pairing a white printed T-shirt with chic, black shorts, this Fashionista sets a versatile foundation for styling statement accessories. She adds personality and summery feels to her overall toned down outfit by matching pastel pink sunglasses with a pastel pink mini backpack. Her unique choice of accessories adds edge and loveliness to her simple and casual look.

Whenever you feel like you want to add a little bit of something to your monochrome look, follow this Fashionista’s style guidelines and try and accessorize with lovely pastels. To finish off the look, she slipped into a pair of glittery platform sneakers to add extra glam, as well as height, to her summer look.

How To: If you are a strict monochrome lover, next time you find yourself in an all-black and white outfit, challenge yourself and try styling pastel statement accessories to add extra charm to your overall look. If you are willing to experiment with broader color spectrums but don’t know where to start, I suggest that you ease into the world of color by first conquering muted pastel tones.