ALL IN THE DETAILS: Serious Hatitude

For those of you Fashionista/os that live in Michigan, you know that it has been anything but a sunny summer. Most days have been hot, humid and filled with rain, which is a deadly combination for your locks. Big and poofy are not something I like to describe my hair as, but luckily, hats are the perfect remedy for bad hair days. Whether the weather has your hair in distress or you are just running late, hats are the perfect quick fix that adds another element to your outfit. They can be useful in both rain or shine by blocking your face from harmful UV rays, or keeping you safe and dry. I love wearing a felt hat on days I know I will be outdoors; that way I am prepared for Michigan’s ever-changing weather.

This Fashionista’s outfit was completed by the addition of a black, felt hat. Her hat makes her look instantly chic and gives her look carefree vibes. She paired her hat with a loose black tank top with crochet detailing at the bottom. Her patterned harem pants give her monochromatic look some drama, while sticking with the casual feel. She completes her outfit with pearl accessories and royal blue flats to give her some edge. A black felt hat is a staple in my wardrobe. It is a super easy addition to a plain outfit and goes with a variety of pieces.

How To: Felt hats are everywhere these days. Check out your favorite store to get your hands on one. Once you have your own hat, add it whenever you think your outfit needs a finishing touch!