ALL IN THE DETAILS: Send 'Em Packing

It’s hard to believe that the upcoming school year is almost upon us. Between buying books, scheduling classes and purchasing proper school supplies, there is just so much left to do! One of the most important purchases to be made for the new school year is a new backpack. Just because it’s functional that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be stylish… after all, even in college you will be wearing the same backpack every day!

I spotted this Fashionista downtown and I absolutely adore her look. My favorite part about her outfit is how well it complements her functional yet stylish backpack. Her backpack features a purple Aztec print backpack with a native charm. This Fashionista boldly mixes the Aztec print with a printed elephant tank top.

However, she is able to mix prints without looking too busy by keeping her entire outfit within a cool color scheme. She paired her printed tank top with a plain cobalt blue skirt to balance her look out. Additionally she paired her look with casual flip-flops, a silver flower ring and collegiate glasses. This look is perfect for the college girl on the go, whether school is in session or it’s summertime.

How To: The quintessential element of this look is a cute yet functional backpack. This Fashionista opted for a Aztec print, however any print that fits your personality is ideal. To emulate the rest of this Fashionista’s ensemble, simply add a printed tank top and colorful skirt. If you want to take the look a sophisticated step further, add collegiate glasses and jewelry.