School may be out for the summer but that’s no reason to ditch your school-time staples. With another rigorous semester behind us, it’s fun to just relax and explore whatever place your summer plans have taken you. This summer has already been hotter than ever and running around in jeans, or even jean shorts, isn’t the most comfortable choice for a long day. With the summer heating up and enough free time to explore the city, ditch your jeans for a plaid skirt.

The plaid skirt is much more versatile than people may realize and can take on a completely different vibe based on what you pair it with. From a classic preppy look to an edgy one that embraces the fact that school is no longer in session, there is so much that can be done with a plaid skirt.

This Fashionista wore a neutral colored plaid skirt which is perfect for mixing and matching with different accessories. She put an extra edge on the classic school-girl look, pairing her skirt with high-top Converse and a black crop top. The crop top is a perfect match for this A-line skirt and is absolutely a summer staple. The silver jewelry this Fashionista wore adds a pop and gives the outfit a more finished look. This Fashionista also carried a leather backpack, a stylish take on a regular school staple that is perfect for a long day of shopping and wandering around the city.

How To: Don’t be afraid to step outside the box. Add some extra accessories like big bracelets and a crop top to make the classic plaid skirt your own.