ALL IN THE DETAILS: Scarves and Smiles

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Scarves and Smiles

Here in New England, as the seasons are changing, the weather can be totally unpredictable. It might be spring, but there are definitely some chilly winds that make throwing on a sweater or a light coat a necessity! The weather confusion, for me, only adds to the stress of looking cute to class—which is exactly what I admire about this Fashionista!

This Fashionista effortlessly creates the perfect combination of casual and cool while on her way to class. The distressed boyfriend jeans, as well as the neutral color scheme, make this Fashionista’s outfit relaxed and casual.

Although this outfit is relaxed and casual, this Fashionista really stepped her look up by adding some smaller details. I fell in love with this outfit as the distressed boyfriend jeans are held up by a head scarf. Although cute head scarves are hard to find (hint: Savers), you can achieve the same aesthetic by using a skinny silk scarf. I was absolutely obsessed with the knotting detail this Fashionista achieved. Depending on how small your waist is, or depending on how large of a knot you’re trying to achieve, using a bandana might work for you!

The color scheme of the head scarf complements another aspect of this Fashionista’s outfit—her detailed ankle booties. The light pink detail in the head scarf mimicked the light pink in her booties. The pattern of her booties was a pleasant surprise, and I appreciated it, as I was staring at her perfectly done jean cuffs.

So, in case you’re wondering, it’s confirmed: one can look casual while going to class and still show off their style. This Fashionista achieves that by using a few small details that really demonstrate her personal style.