ALL IN THE DETAILS: Scarfed for Life

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Scarfed for Life

Scarves are the universal winter accessory. They come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and prints. We may rock circle scarves, triangular scarves or just cozy hand-knit scarves. No matter which option we choose, scarves serve the purpose of keeping us warm while evoking our sense of style.

I found a Fashionista on campus who sported a chic yet unique scarf. The scarf was comprised of a black and white knit, complete with exaggerated fringe detail. Not only was this scarf on-trend, but it was so chunky and oversized that it resembled a poncho. Its material and size make it the quintessential topper for these freezing winter days.

While the scarf served as the focal point for her outfit, the Fashionista chose some interesting  pieces to match, which included a printed maxi skirt and a tweed jacket.

The black and white skirt contained an Aztec-inspired print that has a Nordic feel when paired with wintery accessories. This versatile piece could be rocked any season.

The jacket, a classic black tweed number, contained intricately detailed sleeves with metallic thread woven through. This special accent really added to the Fashionista’s look and helped bring out the white in the scarf.

The final element of the Fashionista’s look was her black lace-up booties. These Victorian-inspired booties contained lace detail that helped epitomize the Fashionista’s eclectic look.

How To: We all own numerous scarves, but on those freezing days an oversized knit version is an essential piece. A scarf this large is extremely difficult to find, however, you can achieve a similar vibe with a crocheted poncho or you could even knit your own. Emulate the rest of this Fashionista’s look with a maxi skirt, a tweed jacket and some lace-up booties. You will be fully equipped to look cute in the cold!