February 8th, 2016 at 2:00am

Do you ever find it hard to remain cool and stylish with multiple layers and huge jackets in winter? Is it possible to remain both warm and stylish? Actually, choosing the right scarf can end up creating a big difference for your whole outfit.

This Fashionista set a great example of how to be stylish while wearing layers and a coat with the wise choice of a scarf.

She wore an oversized black coat paired with a pair of leather leggings. The largeness of the coat and the tightness of the pants were in strong contrast, which allowed the Fashionista to looked tall and slim. The white lines on her coat created an industrial look, which matched with the metallic feeling of the leather leggings. She finished her look with a simple black knit hat, black and white plaid scarf, a small leather purse and a pair of brown boots.

Her overall outfit had a black tone and the use of black purse and black hat fit perfectly with this motif. Her use of scarf was brilliant; although she chose the scarf because of it’s black and white tone, the interesting gray color added dimension and playfulness to the look. The larger scale of white color was in contrast with the pure black jacket while not destroying the fullness and unity of the whole outfit.

How To: Pick a scarf that shares a color with the other part of your outfit. Put on as many as layers as you need and then pile the scarf on top. That is how you can rock in the cold winter.