ALL IN THE DETAILS: Scarf-ccessorize

There’s a very famous saying here in Puerto Rico that literally translates as “necessity is the mother of invention.” A little funny, but oh so true. I can’t even begin to explain how important this principal has become in my life as a lover of style. Learning how to be clever in times of need, when it comes to fashion, is essential for flawless survival. Sometimes a headband needs to become a belt or a skirt goes over a dress and turns it into a shirt. Contrary to popular belief, it’s all about the smarts when it comes to styling; and that is exactly what today’s ingenious Fashionista has decided to portray.

This boho-gypsy queen put her love for prints and bold accessories into good use in order to put together the look you see above. Her colorful palazzo pants served as a great center piece to play off of. She then added some American Eagle Outfitters stitched sandals and a pair of golden earrings. My favorite piece in the whole attire was this snake arm cuff. This stunning detail is the perfect finishing touch on her outfit and is definitely bound to be a conversation piece. Now, the best and wittiest part of it all is that this Fashionista’s top is actually a wrapped around H&M scarf. Yes, a scarf! She took her style resourceful-ness to a whole other level and made me love her look even more.

How To: If you’ve always been afraid to go “outside the box” when it comes to getting dressed, let this Fashionista serve as inspiration. Take an ordinary accessory and turn it into something extraordinary by changing its traditional purpose. Just like you see above, a scarf is always a good way to start!