ALL IN THE DETAILS: Ruffles and All

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Ruffles and All

We’ve all heard the saying “less is more,” but sometimes in the world of fashion, more is definitely more. Little details make an outfit complete and unique to whoever is wearing it. Some of us have those one or two signature accessories we always wear, and others have a plethora of choices and mix and match for every outfit. So, no matter what kind of Fashionista/o you are, details are important.

Certain looks are all about the details, like this Fashionista’s outfit. She chose clothing items with lots of detail, and then enhanced her look with more accessories. Her white ruffled top has details to die for. I’m obsessed with the romantic look, so this blouse is perfect for those who share my love of romantic style clothing. The ruffled collar makes for an eye-catching neckline and the flared sleeves add a sophisticated and feminine touch. Plus, both the romantic look and the flared sleeves are this spring’s fashion trends, so this Fashionista is totally ahead of the game.

This Fashionista works in great accessories and jewelry pieces to keep up this detailed look. Her simple gem necklace and rings add color and interest, keeping the ensemble trendy and chic. On top of the necklace, the Fashionista added a long black scarf. Normally, I’m someone who likes to wear only one item around my neck, but this Fashionista made me reconsider. She flawlessly pulls off the necklace and scarf, making her outfit more intriguing and fun. The black scarf also creates cohesion between the top half and the bottom half of the outfit as she matches the scarf with a simple black belt.

Another thing I love is that this Fashionista chose to wear brown booties instead of black. People hesitate when mixing black and brown, but it’s totally cool! The rules of fashion have changed, we don’t have to always wear black with black and brown with brown, and our Fashionista proves my point. She is rocking those tan boots with her black and white ensemble. I really like the straps and buckles on her boots as well, the details help make the outfit look a little edgier.

Through all these small choices we make in picking out an outfit, from the blouse to the accessories, anyone can create a one of a kind look that’s unique to them. That’s what makes details so important. So next time you’re looking to make a statement, don’t forget: details, details, details!