Sometimes I yearn for the glamor of eighties rock and roll—the big hair, the tight leather jackets, but most of all the over-the-top eyeliner. Even with the many punk rock and rock idols out there to lead by example, such as Gene Simmons and Freddie Mercury, it’s sometimes difficult to do rock ‘n’ roll right in a way that is edgy but subtly so. We know all the staples of a rock and roll outfit: a black studded leather jacket, distressed tight jeans, graphic band tee and worn out boots. But it is metallic accessories that really make an outfit rock.

It’s not easy to be a rockstar, but this Fashionisto has mastered the look with his leather jacket studded with rhinestones and an assortment of metallic studs, dark wayfarers, iridescent jeans, chain bracelets and leopard print sneakers. The metallic details of his look really pull together the outfit and add an edgy feel. It can be difficult to wear all-black outfits without them becoming monotonous, but the intricate studding on the jeans and the iridescent shine of the denim gives a certain rockstar glam to the look. Of course, the metal chain and zipper details are what give the outfit an urban street feel.

How To: If you’re looking to channel your inner Mick Jagger, incorporate leather pieces into your wardrobe, such as leather trousers or leather jackets, and layer on chain jewelry and studded accessories. It’s also advised to stick to the simple (but spectacular) shade of black.